Isabelle: news.

I walked into the dining hall, retaining all dignity that I feared I may have lost due to my meeting with Sir Serene. I must say it was a novel experience, and I am sorely glad that Lorette found us. She would not suspect anything to have happened. She would not have told the other maids with giggles at the prospect of such frivolity. Lorette is after all my closest confidante. Even Olivia keeps some secrets from me; I daresay the fact that we are siblings and deep in our brains we harbour the irrestible urge to tease plays a part. Lorette looks to me for guidance, which I find amusing. I know nothing of love, only what people have told me and what I have read and what I assume. Lorette is lucky to know love as she herself has James. I intend to house both of them in the palace when I take the throne, for I only wish the upmost comfort for my most dear friend. Smiling at the prospect of such a happy couple I seated myself next to Father, who cleared his throat. Everybody turned.

'My dear fellows, our men have been watching your actions and have decided that the quest shall begin tomorrow! We shall send seven good men out, as the traditions state that this number shall ensure success. However, I have consulted my advisors and it is allowed that my daughter Olivia shall accompany these men due to her skill.' I smiled across to Olivia, who was hugging Lillie in anticipation.  'The men embarking shall be the following: Prince Kaedin, Prince Allan, Koroth of the Night, Sir Serene Paroles. I shall also send three servants, including my head of stables and a good track finder, James.' I felt my stomach tighten for Lorette. She would be sick with worry: James intended to ask for her hand in marriage this next moon. This quest, so Father had implied, was of the highest difficulty.

Father continued to speak about the plans for the morrow, but suddenly my well-trained brain hatched a plan. Perhaps...James would surely not want to partake in such an event. Lorette would prefer him safe and sound. I dearly wished to go on this quest...I was well versed in tracking. I had a particular love of horses. And this could determine which man was not just strong, but owned compassion and could care for a stablehand..

This decided it. I must embark on the quest!

The End

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