Penolpe: Part-truth

"Well. If you didn't do...That, what did you do?"

I blushed, knowing Exactly what she meant "I kinda told Koroth about my past...then I got upset and climbed a tree. He eventually convinced me to get down and my skirt tore"

Alana crossed her arms "Thats all?"

"All you need to know, yes"

She rolled her eyes "Well at least go change...the green dress would look nice and hey, it might hold Koroth's attension"

"Shut up" I rolled my eyes "But it's not like I have much choice"

I sighed and changed into the green dress, it has short sleeves that tie and flow out and the corset shows my figure as the fabric flows to the floor. "Happy?"

"Ecstatic" We entered the dining hall silently, I kept my eyes on the ground and followed Alana to her usual seat by Kaedin.

The End

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