Isabelle: decorum.

I smiled as Sir Serene tried to appeal to my better nature. Such lyricism in his could one live in such a hyperbolic existence? A beautiful world, yes, but sometimes one has to contain gravity in certain situations. Maybe it was merely my circumstances affecting my view- I am after all a princess. It is only right for me to keep my emotions laced up. After my mother's death I left the swing in the royal gardens well alone. I would not allow Olivia to even use it. It had been a place of complete familial bliss. Instead of mourning, I filled my brain with logic and skill. But this was behind me now.

Sir Serene started to pluck his lyre in a thoughful way, as if each note was a summary of his feelings, his inner musings. I put down my book, and found myself murmuring, 'I should so wish to learn to play..'

Sir Serene looked up, as if he had just awoken from a slumber. 'You wish to play?' He held out his lyre. I looked at it. Such a curious instrument, the wood seemed to have been made for this one purpose, it was curved perfectly. My fingers reached for it, and then stopped. 'I couldn't,' I said, looking at it in wonderment. 'It is too fine an object for me to play badly.' I laughed, and he nervously joined in. I looked at him. It was nice to see one of these suitors finally become themselves.

Just then Lorette came in, muttering 'Dinner', before stopping at seeing the Sir in my chambers. I jumped back. A princess must keep decorum at all times.

The End

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