Olivia: Before dinner

I sit in my room on my bed, Lillie laying out in front of me.

I find my self tracing my lips, I can still remember the first time he kissed me.

Why had been training and our swords had locked above our head and........ Well, he kissed me. Leant down so quickly I didn't see it coming.

When he pulled back our swords were still above our head but I saw something different in his charcoal black eyes.

I shift nervously remembering it. Then my maid comes in.

"Dinner is to be served soon, My lady" she says smiling. I smile back although I don't feel like it.

"Lets get ready then" I say jumping up. "What will I be wearing?"

"Your father request formal... so I thought this" she pulls a dress out of my wardrobe.

The top half has long sleeve that sort of very loose at the end. Then there is a tight corset. Then the skirt part is bell shaped that stops below the knee.

"With some tights of corse" she says getting out the thin fabric tights.

"Perfect" I say smiling.

The End

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