Penelope: going back

" We should go , I'm not sure why he fled , but he'll be back. Also thanks back there."

I nodded, too emotional for words. Whatever had scared him back there...I hoped it was on our side and I hope it planned on sticking around.

We mounted our horses and rode back to the castle, I knew what happened back there would have to be kept secret. We put our horses in the stables and walked back in silence. "Penlope-"

"Don't worry, I wont tell anyway if you wont. It'll be our little secret."

I walked off without another word heading to Alana's room, Kaedin was just leaving. "How's the hand?"I closed thedoor behind me.

"It's okay" Alana's cheeks were bright red must be embarresed because Kaedin saw her like that "What did you do?" she jestured to the snag in my skirt.

"I was horse riding, my skirt got caught on something" I shrugged

"Did you go alone?"

She knows, no point in lying, since I'm spilling my guts today what the hell..."Koroth came with me. Anyway, it's nearly time for dinner right? you'd better get changed"

The End

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