Penelope : Koroth

Koroth was thrown from his horse and there stood a man as pale as paper with jet black hair and the same read eyes as, not the same this man's eyes were filled with evil.


" Hello there Koroth. I found you, and I can see youve taken the liberty to make a lady friend."  His voice sounded like a demon's, harsh and taunting. He smirked in my direction and returned his attension to Koroth.

" And your back from the dead. How did that feel dieing by the way?"

Jorox didn't like that at all. He lunged at Koroth making a gash in his arm, I wont let him het away with that! I turned to face a massive oak and began to climb.

Good thing I learnt how to climb when I was three.I climbed onto a higher branch and motioned Koroth to keep quiet and look away. I need to disract him, if only for a second so Koroth can get a decent blow. Just as I was about to lunge at him with my dagger Koroth lunged. I had to look away, I heard his blade slice. Jorox ran like a frightened child into the forest.

"Are you alright?"

I felt the tears well in my eyes, thankfull he was ok. "I-I'm fine." I wiped at my eyes and stepped towards him, not caring anymore as I hugged him "I thought he was going to..." I took a deep breath and stepped away. "Who was he?"

The End

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