Koroth: I

" I suppose you don't want to talk to me ever agian, now tha you know." She says

I was about to say that I don't care, but that seemed a little insensetive.

" Penelope , trust me thievry doesn't even amount to getting paid money to kill people  who may not even derserve it. Its also not like you chose that lifestyle for yourself and even so I wouldn't stop talking too you."  I hoping I said it all correctly. 

She road up farther ahead. I guess I didn't.  I wanted to ask if I upset her but I let it drop perhaps thinking about it  was painful. I look around the forest felt unsettleing. I shook it off as being just a little shocked Jorox came back from the dead and was looking for me.  I caught up to Penelope.

" I'm sorry if......" I was slammed off my horse and I barreled into a tree.

I rolled to my right quickly. Knowing who ever did that wasn't going to give me a moment to get my bearings.  I grabbed me sword and perried and equal sized sword. I looked up to meet Red eyes that looked similiar to my own.

" Jorox." I mutter

His face is pale and his hair changed from blond to a very dark black. A thin lipped grin grew on his face. He pressed forwards trying to cut me with his own blade.

" Hello there Koroth. I found you, and I can see youve taken the liberty to make a lady friend."  His voice sounded much darker and evil from his former human voice.

" And your back from the dead. How did that feel dieing by the way?"  I retort whileI push him back with my blade.

I looked around quicky looking for Penelope but I the battle drew me back in before I could check properly. He charged forwards with absolutly no tactics I knew it was a trick. I dived  to my right , and dodged a few throwing knives. I couldn't stay defensive much longer or I will get killed.  I got up and began to meet him head on. I sliced up wards taking him off balance and kicked him in the chest.He purposley drops the blade wich runs slices me down on my chest leaviny a very open gash.  Jorox falls to the ground laughing.

" Where is your former strength Koroth? Last time you would have seen that coming." He cackled as I stead frozen. He always poisioned his sword with a temporary Parolyzing toxin.

"Move dammit , move!"  I yell at myself in my head.

Jorox stands up casually grabbing his sword off the ground. 

"Well Koroth I want a better fight from you. So this round I will allow you to survive with a few minor injuries." He grins

"Where is Penelope? did she even not me gone? that doesn't make sense. Perhaps shes waiting for the oppertune moment to get Jorox in the back. But he would see that coming." I think to my self as Jorox walks closer with a knife in hand.

I see Penelope apear behind a tree , and Jorox heard it and was smiling waiting for the moment to turn around and stab her.

" Move now Koroth!" I command myself. 

I only recieve a twitch in my toes.  Penelope look confused to why I wasn't moving. As she began to get closer to Jorox. My arms began to feel pins and neeedles.  Body funtions where begining to return and I took the oppertunity to fight back. I punch Jorox readily in the face and lazily roll towards my sword ,and sluggishly grab it. I perry a kick  from his shoe I use that oppertunity to push up and slice his torso.  

I get up to slice him agian but he begins to run away as something in the wood seemed to terrify him. I turn my head to see nothing. What could possibly be scaring him?

I look over to Penelope.

" Are you allright?"

The End

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