Penelope: my parents

"Where did you learn to ride like that?"

 "My parents, their jobs kept them on the road alot"

"What do they do?" He asked as we set off

Oh no. I'm going to have to tell the truth aren't I? I swallowed hard. "They were theives." I sighed "They arranged ellaborate schemes to get as much as they could from kingdoms as far as the eye could see. They were masters of disguise, and amazing at running away."

"Then why are you..."

"Like I said, they were amazing at running away. One day they decided to sneak into Prince Allan's kingdom to steal the crown jewl and as we were leaving, we got caught and they managed to escape, leaving me behind to face the guards" I felt my fists tighten "I was only 10 years old, and my parents abbandoned me for jewlery." We were quite near the forest now. "I suppose you never want to talk to me again now  that you know"

The End

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