Koroth: The most stubborn

" Thanks, His name it Talemryder." I said. Was that a little too self centered? I ask myself.  I looked atTalem he is a proud standing  brown hore with a mane of white.

" He is the most stubborn horse to ride though , and I have to say your horse is magnificent." I say trying not to sound to self centered. 

Penelope was blushing uncomftrably agian.  As I saddeld Talem the horse instantly began throw off the the saddle , and get angry with me.

" Calm it Talem we are just going for a ride."  I said. Talem had seen to many battles and was nervouse whenever I put a saddle on him. I went to look back Penelope she wasn't blushing uncomfortably anymore and was ready to ride.   We took off out of the stables and rode into the fields.   Penelope looked like a much better skilled rider than I.  

" Where did you learn to ride like that?" I asked.

The End

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