Olivia: Back

I stopped playing the piano and heared...... clapping.

I turned and gasped. He stood leaning against the wall.

Okay, either my imaginations playing tricks on me or for some strange reason..... he's actually back.

I stood up and he stayed quiet. He was taller that I remember but still stuck to the same outfit everything black, loose long sleeve top, trousers, hat, below the knee boots..... and a half face white mask.

"What are you doing here?" I ask, I wanted it to come out strong but what came out was a mere whisper. Please don't say to see me or anything like that, that would just be creepy since for the whole morning I've been crying about you.

"Aren't you happy to see me again?" he asks standing straight.

"How did you get in?" I ask stepping back.

"You know me better than that Oli" he says tilting his head slightly and smiling but only slightly.

"Do I? You've been gone 3 years" I say stepping back again and meeting the piano.

I grip the handle of my sword.

"Why are you scared?" he asks.

"You've been gone 3 years, then suddenly turn up in the castle what do you expect me to do-" He cuts me off pulling me close and pressing his lips down on mine.

Its a shock but the longer it lasts the more amazing it becomes. My hand falls off the handle of my sword and I wrap them round his neck. I close my eyes and just enjoy it.

He pulls back slightly breathing heavily. I open my eyes again to see him looking at me smiling.

Then I realise what I just did. I push him back and he stumbles. For a few seconds we just stare at each other then he nods.

"That was stupid" he mutters looking away. "Not, that I didn't enjoy it" My heart leaps at that. "See you later Olivia"

He walks up kisses the top of my head and leaves. And the confusion starts again.

The End

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