Koroth: Alright

Penelope stood there bright red in the face.  I have no expereince with this she is the only one who would blush at the sight of me. So I was utterely confused. I remembered when I was younger that girls blushed around men they liked. So i'm guessing thats the case here. I wasn't sure what to do. I rub the back of my head momentarily to decide what I felt like doing.

" So you have a break eh?" I say

" Yeah."

What was there to do around the castle? I couldn't think of anything.

" Well I don't have much to do either. The training field seems a bit full , and training dummies don't really train me just bore me." I tried to delay.

" So I guess we are in the same boat. So what you want to do?"  I said being a typical male who can't decide things for himself.

The End

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