Alana: Well, I made a fool of myself

Alana hid her face in shame as penelope bandaged her wrist. The cut wasn't even that big and she'd made such a huge scene. Dear lord, what was she going to do while they were on this quest? What if she got a real wound, whould she act like a woman then as well? She sighed in relief when penelope was done with bandaging the wound and left to pursue whatever she wished, and  then turned to Kaedin.

"Kaedin i'm-"

"No, it was my fault. I forgot to tell you why archers wear wrist guards. I'm sorry."

Alana saw the the sleeve of her shirt was stained red by her own blood and pailed. She had never liked the site of her own blood, or anyone's blood for that matter. She shrugged out of her waistcoat and turned to Kaedin.

"I'll meet you back in the training yard in a bit, I really need to change out of this shirt." 


The End

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