Penelope: a break

"There you are Allan, all clean and tidy,but I suggest next time you wear thr right equiptment, you big goof" I laugh. Alana sits up, not afraid to look at her hand now it's bandaged up.

"Why don't you have a break Penelope? I'll be fine"

I raised an eyebrow realising she probably just wanted to be alone with her archery teacher "Okay, call if you need anything" I shut the door behind me and went to the place I kept my clothes and pulled out a fresh, clean, normal dress. I changed and went downstairs to see Koroth with his hand hovering over his sword.

"You don't need to be so uneasy it's just two of the princes fighting. I saw them earlier."

As Koroth looked at me I felt my legs turn to jelly forcing myself not to think of his fiery and enchantingly red eyes. "Really?"

"Y-yes. They've been locked together since early this afternoon."

"Wheres Prince Allan?"

"In his chambers, I just bandaged a cut he gave himself while doing archery, he told me I could have a break" I felt the blood rush to my cheeks with every word making my face feel hot and flustered. 

The End

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