Koroth: Back 11 years

I re-enter the castle remembering old times. Melissa like being called death becuase she fiegned death and left her life. Well she did that twice , she left her current life then came back to it when she discovered me.  She liked to say we are the protector outcasts. We stood out because we are different in every way because of this it encouraged us to proove ourselves good to the people and protect the people. I never truelly believed her story but I never forgot it.  She brought me to group of people with the same problems as I. They taught me to fight , ignore insults , and obey orders.

 That was until Jorox destroyed it all. He killed the leaders of the group , the fighters.  Melissa , and I , who ever survived Jorox attack fled.  I remember those times and it brought a small smile to my face. A smile of the lifestyle with a hint of despair.  I brought my thoughts back to Jorox. How could he have survived? I Stabbed him through his heart , and threw his body into a labryinth of death. Well if he is alive he is alive and I have to deal with him.  The training ground was in a uproar. 

"I wonder whats the fuss is all about?" I mumble to myself. Letting my hand bring itself up to the hilt of my blade.

The End

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