I am just shooting arrows and shooting arrows, when I hear a gasp from Allan. I look over and see that his wrist is bleeding. He seems to have forgoten his wrist guard. He is screaming for his maidservant, Penelope. She comes running over from the general direction of the sword play grounds.

She lays Allan down, and I realize how tiny he is. Slim, as if he hasn't grown his muscle yet. I guess he is just a little late. Penelope is askng for a temporary bandage, so I tear a strip off of my shirt. She wraps it around his wrist, wich is also very slender, and asks if I would help him to his room.

Of course, I would help anyone that needed it. I help him up, and he smiles at me. We walk slowly into the main hall, and I follow Penelope into Allan's room. I set Allan on his bed and back away as Penelope changes the bandage. Allan seems to fear the cut, as he will not look at it. I have seen much worse in the feilds, but he seems to dislike blood. This is not uncommon.

The End

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