Olivia: Remembering

I sit quietly on the roof, leant back against the chimney, knees pulled tightly to me and head buried in them. Lillie sits on a balcony far below.

She can't climb this high. Some people are confused how I can climb so high. I know Sir Serene is when he follows my sisters line of sight to see me up on the roof.

Her face fills with worry but she discards it quickly..... Like a real Princess.

I like who I am but sometimes I wish I could act more like a lady. Father doesn't seem to want me to.

"Don't change Olivia, your so like your mother in many ways" He always says that.

How though. Mother was a calm women. Well, from what Isabelle and I remember. But the servents tell stories of how the queen loved to sing and play the piano. And how she loved her libary and the gardens.

That she studied swords manship..... that she was the one who taught me to hold my first sword.

I stop a sob. Why couldn't she have lived longer?

Now was not the time to cry. Her mother wasn't the only person in my head.

He was in it as well, the masked deamon. Why he chose that name goes beyond me.

I mean sure he does think for himself a lot. Expecially when he left.

"It's not home" Or something close to that. Wasn't home where you had people who cared for you?

It was obvious when they met he lived and traveled alone. So obvious how most of his skills were self taught and from experience.

I shake my head trying to throw thoughts of him out of my head. No point in hurting my feelings puposely.

I stand up and walk down the roof to the edge where I jumped down to land on my balcony.

I walk through my room and all the way to the main hall. I go straight to the piano and begins to play.

The music travelling through out the castle. Sad, soft and slow.

The End

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