Sir Serené: Serenades

"It would be unwise to deny a Princess, and yet when I hear your words I feel compelled not by duty but by the desire to please you, and not because of the tournament, but because I see myself with you when I look into your eyes, I see our future!" Sir Serenés face burned, "I am so sorry, I speak rashly, please forgive me," for once his usual charisma was failing him, stripping him naked like a baby newly born unto the world.

She touched his shoulder, "relax, please, play for me."

The Knight sighed.

Taking out his lyre he plucked a string experimentally.

"Dearest sweetness,

Oh so divine

How I should like

To make you mine.

Look up to the heavens

Of pure azure blue

But when I see those colours,

I think only of you.

Sweet, young maiden,

Not long for this time

How your mind aspires

To a future sublime.

I could give you this

Oh and so much more,

If you shall take my gift

My heart so pure.

Beautiful lady

Though I pluck these strings

You pluck my heart

Amongst all other things.

If I cannot be with you

Then I shall surely perish

Oh dearest sweetness

These times I shall cherish."

He finished on a high note, awaiting a response. 

The End

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