Isabelle: conversations.

I turned to see Sir Serene picking himself off the grass, and trying to remain dignified whilst half-running to catch up with me. It made me smile. I shook my hair as he caught up and composed myself.

'Do you prefer to gaze at the clouds than to fight like the others, my Sir?' I looked sideways at him. I knew it was not very genteel but I did enjoy observing people answer my enquiries. There seemed to exist an unspoken law, that one could not truly give their true opinion to royalty: everybody I talked to since I was a little girl has always agreed with me. It unnerves me so: I do not wish to inhibit the thoughts of others. It is not freedom to have your brain controlled, even if one has all the power in the world.

Sir Serene looked up again to the skies, partly rapt in the sky which I must were exceptionally clear this day. 'I was just taking a moment to capture a memory of this so very fine day, my lady,' He offered his arm to me and I took it, trying to conceal a smirk. Sometimes I wished for nothing else than to live as an ordinary individual, but other times being a princess did have its advantages.

'I do admire your lyre playing, sir,' I spoke after a while of walking in placatable silence. 'May I ask for a performance, it if pleases you?'

The End

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