Alana: A Piece of String on a Stick is Stupid

Darn the man who invented the bow


Alana had originally been elated at the closeness of Kaedin as he taught her the initial stance and how to nock an arrow but he didn't linger. After she showed she could hold a bow, he went to his own target and that was that. It had been about an hour since they had started and Alana was starting to get one arrow out of three onto the target. Mind you, there were nowhere near the bullseye, but it was a definite improvement.

But then the inevitable happened.

Alana, not knowing anything about archery, hadn't realized why Kaedin had grabbed a wrist guard and so hadn't bothered. after what might have been her 50th arrow, she misstepped and the bowstring cut her wrist open on its' rebound. She stood there for a moment in shock, watching her blood drip into the dirt.

"Penelope. PENELOPE." she screeched as the shock of what she had done finally hit her.

The End

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