Olivia: Ah, yeah him

"Ah, yeah him" I mutter I sheath my sword and walk off. Pain was clear on my face and it left Penelope confused. She raced after me.

"What is the matter your highness?" She asks walking briskly at my side.

"Nothing" I say sternly. But I know she can tell clearly somethings wrong. Tears begin to form at the lashes of my eyes.

"Oh, your highness did I upset you in some way?" she asks. I stop and turn to face her trying to smile but its clearly fake.

"Not you, Penelope. Allan's good to have a servent like you" I turn my head and look hard at the grass of the field. Memories swish arounf my head.

"Who then your highness?" she asks. "Not that I'm trying to pry-" I wave a hand cutting her off.

"That person you speak of..." I look at her. "Let's just say I deffinetly agree he is a deamon"

Then with that I run off, Lillie on my heels. She never leaves me, never in my time of need.

Not like him.......

2 years ago.....

"Hurry up Lillie" I shout. The guard feet are loud and clanking behind me. People turn their heads and watch but no one dares interfears.

Then I'm yanked to the side. The quickness of it gets both the guard and Lillie of my heels.

"What the-" A hand is clamped over my mouth and I look up at the boy standing before me. Probably 3 years older.

He has a sword at his hip and is wear a mask, that covers his whole face save his eyes which are dark charcoal black and the half of his face below his nose.

"Shh" he whispers pressing a finger to his lips. He gestures for me to follow and I don't know why but I do. I think I can trust this boy.

3 weeks later....

"But why?" I shout. He winces and looks away.

"I must return home" he mutters. I feel fury, anger, sadness many feeling tumble inside me.

"Why can't you stay here?" I ask my voice a mere whisper. He looks back and passes a thumb over my cheek.

"Cause its not my home Oli. Besides your father would never allow it" he says smiling slightly.

"I don't care" I hisses. He laughs slightly.

"See you someday" he whispers kissing me lightly then running off. I feel tears at the tips of my eyelashes and shake my head.

Even for him I won't cry, not fully anyway.

The End

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