Penelope: Assault course

Alana insisted on trying the assault course and fell flat on her face within seconds. I saw her pout and be gladly taken away by Prince Kaedin to practice archery (a skill Alana needs alot of practice in.) Instead of following I approach Princess Olivia, with an odd idea in my head  "Excuse me your highness" calm down and say it "Do you think I could try" I motioned toward the assault course, amazed at it's resemblance to the forest where I used to live.

"Sure, but it was designed for me so don't be too disapointed if you can't do it."

"Thankyou" I smiled, grabbed a blade, armour and made my way to the begining. I took a deep breath and began the course, swinging, climbing, slashing, dodging and avoiding deadly items. Just like old times I laughed to myself. And then...I fell flat in the mud...just like Alana. Damn it, ah well. It is designed specifically for olivia.

I smiled, this had to be the most fun I'd had since I became a servant. I wiped the mud off my face and  bowed. "Thankyou your highness. The course is amazing, but if I may your highness, I'd love to recomend a good fighter for you to challenge"

I saw her eyes light up. "The name of the fighter is 'The masked demon' he or she, since no-one has ever found out lives near the kingdom of Avalonia. They are feared by anyone who has ever felt the chill of the forests wind on their neck." I laughed "If you havn't already it would be a magnificent challenge. I wittnessed a fight of theirs little over a year ago."

The End

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