Kaedin: Ouch

After breakfast, Allan and I head off to the training grounds. Olivia is already there. We begin to fight each other, but stop soon to stare in awe as Olivia takes on a monsterous course. She really is something.

When Allan trys to take it on, he falls to the ground very quickly. We help him up and then return to our practice.

He seems to favor defence, holding back and then attacking after my attack. I was never any good at this sort of stuff. I am strong and can plan battles, but I much prefer archery. I am much better at it aswell.

After we have paused for a break, I request to turn our attention to the well stocked range. Allan agrees, and we move over to the bows and arrows. I grab one that is simple, with no metal anywhere. It doesn't appear that Allan has done this before, so I teach him.

I grab his arm and place it on a simple bow, smaller than mine, and show him how to hold it. His fair skin appears to be very sunkist, as his cheeks are quite red. I give him an arrow and show him how to notch it. I do the same for my own, and then tell him how to fire.

His arrow lands some where above the target, while mine lands right out side of the center. He looks stuned.

The End

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