Olivia: Ouch

I run fast, I duck right, dodge left.

"High" the trainer shouts. I see Allan and Kaedan turn to watch, stopping there training. I jumped then land the floor and slide.

I pull out my sword turn and stab.

"3 minutes 3 seconds, my lady" the trainer says. I stab my sword in the ground and wipe the sweat from my forehead.

"What is this?" Allan asks. Really somethings strange about this one. I've fourght prince Allan a few months ago and he's a lot more different strategie than this one.

"Asault course" the trainer says. "But I wouldn't reccomened you try it your highnesses, it was built based on Princess Olivia's speed and skill"

I smile leaning on my sword. "Aka, you'd get hit the first two metres" I explain.

"Let me try" Prince Allan says. We all move out the way as he heads for the start of the 100 metre course.

He sets off and "Ouch" I say. We all run over I offer him my hand helping him up.

"Told you so" I say. He pouts.

"Lets get back to training Kaedan"

From the side I see Koroth shaking his head...... and smiling slightly?

That's rare, in fact I think I've only seen him smile once before and that was when he killed that monster in the grounds, blood thirsty.

I find myself smiling and I turn to get back to practice.

The End

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