Koroth: My interesting visitor.

I walk into the dining hall a little after Princess Olivia. Should I purposly lose so I don't end up teaching, but would be humiliated. Me teaching pffff like I could. My way of teachin is harsh and brutal , it deals with expereince more than skills. Well especially in Olivia's case she has the skill just needs the experience. If I win then well I don't have to be nagged all the time for a fight, and I will have a long term job of teaching. Which would be a large change in my lifestyle. I personally like fighting monsters , and questing. The enemies tend to be interesting adversaries.  I let my thought drop. As I noticed Penelope looking at me but she her gaze left elsewhere.

I was still a little confused on how she reacts oppositly to everyone else, but I enjoyed the fact that perhaps someone looks past my red eyes.  I eat my breakfast quickly then leave. As I head to the training grounds one of the castles servants stops me to say

" You have a visitor Koroth."

" What is He or She wearing? Or look like?"

" She has a long black cloak , and  several daggers on her belt, and a scythe , and claims her name is Death."

" Great last person I want to talk too." I mumble unhappily

" I guess you are holding her outside the gate?"  I ask

" Yes."

He leads me to the gates and leaves forwhatever task he does. I look behind the barred castle gates to see a black cloaked woman. You could hardly see beyond her hood but I could and it was very pale, and had a wide grin.

" Koroth of the night. Wow you have changed since you where 15. It must have been 11 years now?" Her voice sounds as if it was shrowded in shadow.

" Yes 11 years is correct, Melissa." I say knowing she hates it when I use her real name.

" Your atitude hasn't changed much Koroth." I hear her hiss.

" Nope. I'm guessing you would like to talk privately?" I ask

" No nothing I will say have much consequence. Just wanted to relay some information from...... You know what. Right?"Melissa stops a moment.

" Yeah." I shutter a little thinking about him or should I say it.

" Well anyways Jorox isn't dead , and he's looking for you. He wants revenge." Melissa tells me.

" Thank you Melissa. I'll keep that in mind."

I turn to avoid a very deadly stare one that still scares me to this day. Knowing Jorox was alive and seeked revenged was going to make my task much harder.

" I must be off. We'll see eachother agian , Koroth. Soon.Very soon"  I hear her voice fade as she begins to run off.


The End

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