Alana: Prowess or the appearance of it

Alana  had forgotten her weapons, so she first went to find the court's trainer. She turned to Kaedin to tell him what she was after and that she would be back in only a moment. He smiled and nodded and went back to talking strategy with another of the Princes. The court trainer was a surly man, covered in scars and his face almost nothing but scowls. Straightening up, she coughed into the back of her hand and attempted to deepen her voice slightly. The result was about equal to a 15 year old boy's voice who could crack and deepen at any moment. Satisfied, she held out her other hand for the man to shake and squeezed extra hard.

"Greetings, sir. I am in need of a pair of swords."

"A pair? A waif like you looks barely able to lift two."

"Well sir, I can assure you that I am quite able. If you hand me a pair, I shall show you." 

Shaking his head, the man found a smallish pair of blades that might have belonged to a woman at some point and stood back to watch her work. Taking the stance of a desert fighter, Alana began to work through the most basic of sequences. After that, she worked her way up to the more complicated maneuvers which involved many feints and flicks of the wrist to throw off the oppponent. Feeling that she had proven herself well enough, she put the swords down at her side and turned back to the trainer. But waiting with him was Kaedin. She felt her cheeks pink only slightly as he walked over to her.

"Quite impressive, Allan. Didn't think you would have such a gift with swords. You'll have to teach me that fancy spinning attack of yours."

"Um, I-Um," she could feel her throat locking up. What was it that father said about dealing with other men? That's right! Friendly insults. 

"Sure you'll be able to handle it? You've got the arms of a girl." she teased as she poked his forearm. Of course, it was a bit more well-muscled than a girl's, even alana's, so she had to stop herself from poking it again.

"Ha! We'll see about that." Kaedin pulled his sword from his sheath and got into a fighting position. Alana pushed her dark brown hair from out of her face and hopped backwards. She had no idea if he even knew how to use that thing, but he had the muscle to back up his inexperience. 

 "Let's see what you got!" Alana shouted.

The End

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