After the kings announcement, everyone seems to fall away. First Kororth then Allan. I follow soon after. ON my way out the doors, a maid asks if I would like help finding my room. I accept, since I am not used to such frivolties as hundreds of rooms in wich to get lost in.

She leads me back quickly, and I thank her.

"If you could, would it by anymeans be possible to summon a knock on my door half an hour before breakfast commences?"

She looks a little frigtened, but nods her head. Her quick nod flows into  a curtsy, and then she leaves.


I look in the mirror. My short brown hair has been bleched by th sun to form a brighter, lighter shade. My eyes are the same color as the feilds before planting.

I strip away my clothes and prepare for bed. I did not bring any clothes, so a am reduced to wearing the prvided absudities. There are so many ruffles on this thing that it won't lie flat against my chest. I climb into bed.

But I needn't go to sleep imediately. There is too much noise for me to even attempt it. I grab my book and start to read about the creatures of the night.


When I wake to a knock on my door, I get ready. I am profusely gladened to see normal clothes with no velvet sashes or gold buttons. I put them on, and notice they are almost as simple as my own.

I head to breakfast with light feet. I am to practice swordfighting with Allan to day.

The End

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