Koroth: Morning

Penelope blushed and had a very shy looking smile on her face.

"That is a new one." I thought

I turned to the meal on my plate I wasn't all that hungry. I pushed it aside , and waited for some interesting to happen.  Soon enough the king made his speech. He mentioned in a weeks time this journey will begin. I wasn't exactly pleased with the notion of babysitting snot faced princes with there so called skills in combat. They're is no skills without experience. Then agian I could be wrong about some of them , can't always be to sure though.  He also wanted us to get aquaintted with Issabella, I'm skipping that part.  The training part I sincerely hopes he doesn't put me through that , I think I've shown my skills extensively. 

After that was all finished I left for bed.

I woke up to the sun shining brightly into my eyes.  I squinted as I put on my usual look. Dark green tavel cloak and my tunic.  Then I grabbed my sword and headed to the traing field.  It was reasonably early in the morning so everybody must be grabbing breakfast. I walked in front of ont of the training dummies. I grabbed the hilt of blade , I beathed in. In a secont  the dummy armour and all  fell to my feet in half. My sword slung across my shoulders. 

I grinned at my work "So which was it the wieght of my blade or my own strength?" I said holding the oversized blade in one hand.

 It is rather wide across the flat side of the blade. I spun it downwards plunging into the earth.   I picked up the a sword that was more generally used. It felt too light compared to what I use but I needed to know the answer. I stepped infront of  another dummy , and repeated my movements. The exact same. I grinned with satisfaction.

"I wish I had an openenent." I say out loadThen princess Olivia walked into the grounds.

" Not that kind." I mutter quietly.


The End

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