Princess Olivia: My Sword

"Please" I beg.

"No" my father says sternly. Everyone watches with some what faint amusant. I pout.

"But its my sword" I say and Lillie barks arguing with me.

"Fine" he mutters and gestures to the guard.

"Yipee" I shout jumping up and running over to the guard. He holds out the Silver blade with a blue hint. I take it up and smile twirling it.

I turn and swing it to clash blades with a soldier behind me, ready for a spar.

"I would prefure if you took this outside" My father says raising his eyebrow as I twirl the blade then bring it out coming in again.

"Of course farther..... may I call Fredrick to spar instead?" I say eyes sparkling.

"Sir Fredrick is out on errands" the soldier at the door informs my father.

"Fetch him, Olivia will end up bored otherwise" Isabelle says almost beggin our father.

"Okay, but be back in an hour Olivia... I wish for you to accompany the Princes on there task" My father tells me.

"Yipee" I shout running off Lillie on my heels.

The End

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