Koroth: Dining

After I'm told to where to sit Olivia squeals un delight, " Koroth!"

She probably was going to ask me for a fight. I would generally say it isn't a fear of losing , but I knew that there was a good chance she could beat me, for example the greatest swordsman in kingdom turned down her challenges. I beat the greatest swordsman in the kingdom , that apparently didn't make me it though seeing that was also appraently a demon. She ran to stand in front of me.

" So are we going to be able to fight this time?" She asks

" Sorry , I'm here on buisness." I replie

" Fine, but one day I'll get a fight of you." She pouts.

" Looking forward to it." I say waving my hand dismisively.

" Manners." she mutters

" Don't use em." I smile then look over at her older sister. She looked a little disgusted I was in this competition. I hope her father would tell her why I'm becuase I have no interest in her.

Olivia met me a few times when I worked for ealier mission for her dad , and when she found out I beat the best swordsman in the kingdom she made it a goal to get a fight from me.

I walk over to this rather nervous looking girl. I sat down beside. You could tell she was rather uncomftrable I wasn't sure if it was terrifying look or something else.

" Hey I guess you already know who I'am so, whats your name?" I say casually.

" P  Penelope." She slightly stammers.

" Nice to meet you penelope."


The End

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