Penelope:the other princess

A finly dress girl came into the room being held by a guard, she was stuggling and trying to get loose. Her father says something about  her escaping the castle 35 times. That is amazing! Then again princess olivia does have a reputation.  Alana asks me if she has ever been beaten and I shake my head. I have to admit I think I admire her pluck.

"Wait, a second you can't be serious Penelope"

"Um, yes sir" I look arond awkwardly and notice everyone is staring

"That young girl has never been beaten in a sword fight?" Alana gasps

"Or Arrow, Spear, Malet..... Olivia please play the Piano" Isabelle adds nonchallantly

Olivia obliges and plays a beautfil melody.

A well-built man who I instantly recognise bounds into the room Koroth Olivia squeals in delight and bounds over to him."I will get that fight one day" she pouts. Koroth says something I cant quite hear "manners" Olivia chides

"Don't use em'" Koroth walks over and I feel my heart begining to race.

The End

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