Princess Olivia

"Ahh" I shout trying to kick the soldier but he keeps my arms tightly secure round my back.

We enter the dining hall and everyone turns shocked.

"Oh, Olivia" I watch Isabelle sigh. I stick my tongue out then kick backwards the Soldier cathches his breath. I turn my body forcing the soldier to release my wrists then birng my fist hard across his face.

I turn back to the table flicking back some of my brown curls over my shoulder. "Isabelle whats is the count now?" My father asks turning to my elder sister.

"35, father" she says.

"Marvolous" He says turning to smile at me. He pats his knee. "Child"

I smile then run over jumping on to my fathers lap.

"Gentelman may I introduce you to my second daughter Olivia. Only a year younger than her fine sister Isabelle" my father says.

"Father, have you seen Lillie?" I ask. My father grinds his teeth slightly but only noticeble to me.

"No, Child. I have not seen that blasted dog" he says.


"Lillie" I shout jumping out of my fathers lap as the white dog comes bounding into the room. I kneel and hug it round the neck.

"Wait, a second you can't be serious Penelope" I turn to see a Prince addressing his servent.

"Um, yes sir" the Serevent called Penelope says.

"That young girl has never been beaten in a sword fight" the Prince says gasping.

"Or Arrow, Spear, Malet..... Olivia please play the Piano" My sister says.

"Pleasure, Isabelle. Come on Lillie" I say running over to the piano.

I sit down and begin to play my fingers gliding across the keys.

"Both my daughters exceed in music but where as Isabelle is more found inside the castle grounds, you would probably find Olivia in the training field or beyond the wall...... thats why we were on about count. Olivia has excaped the castle 35 times and counting. But she does come back eventually if we don't catch her" My father explains.

"Also most likely you'll always find her with that daft dog" My father says. "I don't mind animals but that thing follow her everywhere it can"

I finish the piece as the door opens and..... "Koroth" I shout jumping down from the stage and running over to stand in front of him.

"Ahh, Olivia" he says nodding his head.

"Will we be able to fight this time?" I ask and Lillie barks approvingly.

"Sorry, I'm here on buisness" he says. I pout then sigh.

"Fine, but I will get that fight one day" I say hands on hips.

"Looking forward to it" Koroth says walking off.

"Manners" I mutter.

"Don't use them" He says simply.

"Everyone please sit and we will continue with desert something tells me the last princes are going to be late" My father says.

The End

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