Prince Robert

I was sitting at the table, almost next to the princess, yet I could find nothing to say. I had  exchanged the normal pleasantries with her at the begining of the meal, but after that my tongue would not move. I turned to the one I was sitting beside.

"Prince Allan?" I asked.

"Yes, that'd be me." he said. I, too, had noticed him. His voice was high and he didn't extrude the most manly air, but I didn't know much about him.

"And I would be Prince Robert. How fare you?"

"Well, my thanks." I returned to my meal, unsure what to say.

"Where are you from?" And so we kept talking about small, inconsequential things until I decided to retire to my room. I went in, and sat on the chair at the bedside. I took off my rapier, and took the dagger from my shoe. Only common sense, everyone in my country carried daggers in their boots. Some carried more than one.

I changed my garb to that of more casual sort, without ruffs or fancy designs, but still acceptable in the presence of a princess. It was a pair of black pants with a white billowing  shirt with tight cuffs. A cape was attached, the colour of burnished silver. I also replaced my shoes with leather boots.

I re-appeared into the dining room, quickly taking a seat. I turned to Allan. "Do you want to go boar--hunting in the morning?" I asked. He looked uncomfortable. I gave him a short smile "You don't have to- if you aren't one to take to hunting."

After-dinner treats were being laid out now: cheeses and ice creams, cakes and many fine wines. I took a goblet of wine, and raised it. I took a sip, and nodded to the servant who had handed it to me. "So, Allan, do you want to go boar-hunting?"

The End

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