Not deterred by the sudden entrance of the blood red man, Alana attempted to hold back the girliest of giggles and almost succeeded. The smallest of titters escaped and she could feel Kaedin looking at her strangely. Coughing into her napkin to buy herself more time, Alana eventually answered.

"A frog in my throat. You see, my voice is quite hoarse from my," Crud, do men take singing lessons? Alana thought. Oh well. Allan does, apparently "Singing lessons. My mother, you know how they are. Thought it might be good for my voice."

"Ah, I see. Your voice is quite odd." Kaedin turned back to his chicken, and Alana to hers. She must have been grinning like a moron, because she soon felt a serving tray hit her squarely in the back of the head. Many of the princes rose in alarm, but Alana waved it off as one mishap among many of her clumsy servant.

"More chicken, my la- sir?" She simply smiled, but the message was loud and clear.Stop smiling like that. People are noticing.


The End

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