Koroth: Formal? No!

" Your late sir." A servant at door bother Koroth.

" I'll be there in a moment.... ah you know what they will live with it!" Koroth replies trying to find something that cover his right arm better that was formal. 

" I'll go as I 'am." He says happily. His red eyes flash , and the servant winces in fear.

" You people." He grumbles.

He walks out of his room his dark green travel cloak gliding lightly behind him. His 4 foot long and hand half a foot blade still strapped to his back.

" Is that nessacary sir?" The servant asks.

" If you see me not carrying this blade I should warn something bad is bound to happen." Koroth jokes , "  I carry this thing everywhere becuase generally where I happen to go trouble follows."

Koroth arrives at the double door enterance to the dining hall. He hopes that people will not make a fuss about his arrival. Thats why he tried to be late.  He pushes both doors open slowly , but his arrival is still noticed. The Dining hall goes silent. All of them looking at his red eyes, blood red hair, and his arm.

Koroth turns to the doorman.

" Hi where do I sit?"

The End

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