Kaedin: Stares

I know this sounds paranoid, but when I showed up for dinner, I know everyone was staring at me. Most of them glanced away if they thought they had been caught. But, I know they were still staring.

I am lead to my seat by a servant girl. All of the princes sit on the same side of the table. I sit beside a young man and an empty seat. I guess all of the princes have not shown up yet. As tides of conversing begin, I turn to my left.

The prince looks younger then is proper for one trying for mariage. He has no trace of a beard and no bulge of muscle on his arms. I introduce my self as Prince Kaedin. He says his name Allan. He obviously is not yet a grown man, for his voice broke into a higher tone in the middle. But he seemed nice enough. He offered to practice sword fighting with me, if I was so inclined.

"I would be delited. What time on the marrow are we saying?"

After breakfast" he says. After that is decideed, we turn to est our chicken.

The End

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