Penelope: um....

"By god Penelope" she stared across the room "Who is that?"

"Prince keadin your la-highness." wait a minute, I know that stare....."Please tell me you havn't fallen for him your highness" I whispered.

I saw her blush and straiten back up "O-of course not. I just think he might be a threat is all"

I roll my eyes "Well, since you think he's just competition..... he's a Prince who is not too strong, he has no musical skill either but he has a way with animals and is very kind hearted"

"How do you know all this Penelope?"

I shrug "Your father told me to read up on the competition and despite the fact he is a nincompoop, I felt like I might've needed to protect your brother" and as I think of him I begin to smile. "Anyway, he isn't exactly confident so maybe you could show him kindness...maybe give him a lesson or two on batling so he can stay longer" I wink

The End

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