Alana:Acting the part

Alana, remembering one of her father's lessons on the wonders of manhood, stood up straight and attempted to give off an air of manly strength. She stared down her opponents, noting their appearances and what they carried. Prince Robert appeared to already know the princess, so that was a point against her. Alana took in the princess's appearance and sniffed. What was so great about her? She was just a normal girl like she had been. Sure her hair shined when the sun touched it, and her eyes were like luminous orbs, lit by the light of intelligence and and undoubtedly a sharp wit, but really who wanted that? She wasn't anything spectacular.

Not wanting to give herself away by speaking, Alana stayed in her corner and attempting to look like she was in manly contemplation. What did one even contemplate while thinking manfully, she wondered? While she thought upon what she was supposed to be thinking, another man entered the room and it was like a ray of light shined down on him. His clothes were simple, and his bearing that of a simple worker, but what else could he be but a prince?

"By god, Penelope." she whispered to her servant. "Who is that?"

The End

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