Koroth of the night

With Koroth's oversized blade strapped onto his back people stepped back in fear. His red eyes seem to pierce and rip the soul , his hair was blood red it stopped at his neck hieght , his right arm did not look human from the many scars of battle. People feared him , and called him the demon of the night, Koroth of the night. His three evil looking apearance over wrote his rather charming face , and body. He also was not a servant of evil. He worked for variouse people right now his current employer was a king.  The guards of the castle were reluctant to let him through.

" Look here I'm working for your darn king. See here is his note now let me through!" He commaded also slamming a note with the King signature into someones face.

"Let him through!" Another gaurd shouted. The doors opened flawlessly. As Koroth moved forwards  his green traveling cloak drifted behind him revealing his rather demonic looking arm.

" What can I do for you? Koroth of the night." A well dressed servant asked.

" I wish to meet the king. He sent out for me." Koroth told him.

" This way good sir." The servant try to overcome his fear.

Koroth hated how people were afraid of him he was a kinder soul then his looks percieved him to be.  The servant knocked on large doors which lead to the throne room. 

" Come in." A voice says.

The servant leaves ahead of Koroth to inform the king who it is.

" Bring him in."

Koroth walked and bowed to the king.

" You sent for me?" Koroth did not add my lord or majesty.  The king looked slightly angry at that but chose not to order Koroth to do so.

" I assume you have heard of the quest for a worthy suitor for my Daughter Isabelle?"

" Yes , I have , and have no interest."  Koroth said

" Well i'm glad to hear that , but I would like you to join to make sure there isn't many deaths.  I will eliminate you from it later on. You will be paid well if non one of the suitors die." The king told him.

" Yes that sounds fine. Where shall I stay?"

" In one of the guest room. Not with the gaurds this time."

The End

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