Isabelle: new arrivals.

I met a Prince Robert, who I must admit was very gallant in his greeting. However, he claims an "unfaltering love" for me. I highly doubt these men's acts of love, noble and prestigious as they are. For after all, is love not a feeling felt by both parties, on spending long periods of time with one another? I cannot for all the logic in my head feel that these declarations of love are genuine. I cannot marry a man I do not truly return these feelings to. Nevertheless this prince seems a prime candidate for my hand in my father's hand.

I have caught glimpses of another prince, a one Prince Allan of the neighbouring kingdom, accompanied by a female servant. I am surprised that a prince should want a woman to accompany him, usually they are so stubborn of wishing help only from strapping young men. Maybe this is a less superficial prince...though I must say there seems something a little peculiar about him. I believe we have met before, but I cannot truly determine a person's mind and qualities based on a mere few number of formal occasions. Now I shall determine to get to know this man, as well as the rest of my many suitors, before Father insists on sending them away on a quest. I have appealed to him more than once to desist the quest, but Father says time and again that a strong man is beneficial to protect my kingdom for me. I suppose I cannot argue with this, but surely love must conquer strength?

The End

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