Kaedin: Through the Doors

Istep from my horse, feeling lonely, and take a deep breath. I knock on the heavy looking wooden doors. A manservant opens it, and sweeps me inside. He asks my name, and I tell him Kaedin.

He looks at a list, posted on the wall, and appears confused.

"You are not on the list, sir. Have you sent a letter forward?"

Truth be told, I ddn't know know what he meant. I guess it went something like I don't know who you are, so I am going to act really snooty untill I know if you are a prince. I had received this before. I am from a poor land, and we don't waste our precious funds on frivolties like marble palaces and snooty servants. I dress in common clothes, because I help the farmers in the feild. But, I am still a prince, and I have been tought manners.

"I am Prince Kaedin, from the land of Aclai. I sent a messenger ahead of me with word of my arival. From your behavior, I assume he has not arrived. I would apreciate a room and a change of clothes, if you don't mind too terribly."

He looked stunned, and I could tell he beleived me. He rang a bell, and a maid came to show me the way. I saluted the manservant, and turned on my heel. That will teach him to doubt me.

The End

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