Isabelle: a reserved nature.

As I stepped into the carriage, followed by Louis, I acknowledge Edward's greeting and smile. He is a very agreeable young man if I can shed any personal opinion: he is always conscientious with the horses, which I admire, and seems to possess a reserved nature. Maybe this is the way with workers, but I may be glad to say that I oppose this assumption that the serving class should be seen and not heard. I feel that without voicing opinion, one becomes somebody else entirely. I only wish somebody would stand up to authority one of these days: when I come to rule, I intend to have a strong relationship with all of my staff and hope that they will live comfortably. Father has requested all of the suitors come to the West manor, where we shall dine and I am to acquaint myself with my possible fiances. I do not know why Louis is bound in armour, and why his manservant has gone on ahead; but it gives me no displeasure to ride with him. I so very love to ride; the horses trot on and the sound of their hooves rhythmically hitting stone sooths my soul. I have come out for countless rides when I have felt at unease. It never fails.

As we come out of the carriage I notice that the birds are out. I recall not why but suddenly this revives a memory of mine. I turn to Prince Louis, and my doubts are erased as I recognise this man from near ten years ago, when our fathers met to discuss alliances. We played with the birds and Louis had the misfortune of his gown being plagued by the birds'...faecal deposits. I laugh loud and long and Louis looks at me. I try to stop myself and cover my mouth. 'Do excuse me sir but I believe we have met before many a year back. It is funny how these things do dawn on the brain so suddenly...' I giggle as we enter the manor, and I see another unfamiliar face. Who could this now be?

The End

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