Edward: If Only You Knew...

I smile at Princess Issabelle.

"Good morning," I open the door for her as she nods with a smile and gets into the carriage along with a prince behind her who glares at me before getting in. I ignore it and the shut the door behind them, getting onto the front and whipping the horses.

They neigh loudly before setting off into a slow trot. I sigh. If only Issabelle knew that I was in love with her, she's barely aware of my presence. I ride her carriages every day, hoping that she might catch sight of me, she does, but only for a second.

For some reason I wish that second could last forever.

She's beautiful, intelligent, rich. If only she and her father could realise I am the one for her. The only one. I could make her happy, sure I don't have as much money as her and her family but we could easily live happily together.

"Move on, Edward!" she calls through the gap between the outside of the carriage and the inside. I nod, even though she can't see and whip the horses a little harder. They then go into a quick trot. I listen to the crumble of the pavements of her kingdom then come to a stop outside of a large manor, jumping off and opening her door.

"Thank you, " she smiles happily, lifting her dress and slowly getting off, the prince following behind her in a full suit of armor. I looked down at my black blazer and ragged jumper in shame as they both walked over to the manor, leaving me alone only to listen to the sound of the birds and the happy, beautiful laugh of Isabelle.

The End

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