Isabelle: i am summoned.

I could have sworn the second suitor looked straight at me. How is that possible? Lorette and I were assured that nobody would see us here. I suppose not... There was a look in his eyes. I daresay he is a lyrical lord. He was after all carrying that lyre about the place. Hmm. I do like music. But if the song he played was accurate, and if my hearing was sufficient, he did so sing about another maiden. I wondered whom he could be singing of...their love "did so readily unfurl"? That sounds not convincing. is a positive point. Just as the prince's care of servants had stirred my goodwill. Perhaps Father was not so harebrained as I had thought; I do have a tempestuous temper, like an untamed horse. Lorette says it is nothing harsh, and that it is rather refreshing in comparison to other women who bottle up their feelings. Lorette is one of those women, but then again she is a maid and there is an unspoken law against servants being allowed to voice much emotion, particularly against their employers.

What a very silly law, I do declare! Another maid has come to request my presence in another wing. But wait-who comes now?

The End

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