The room was huge, it had a large bed and simple furnishings, and small bathroom and a massive mahogany wardrobe. Louis and Alfred exchange glances and laugh again.

"Al, will you take that stupid hat off, you look like an idiot." Louis says, batting it upward.

"Oi, leave my hat alone," Alfred replys, removing the ostentasious hat from his head. Louis barks out laughter, as he sees a thick red line.

"Hat too small for you?" Louis says coyly.

Alfred responds by throwing the hat at his head, Louis ducks out of the way, pops back up and turns to look a the hat. "I only asked if it was too small," he says, his voice hitting several high octowaves.

"It was your hat though."

"Not my fault, still." Louis reaches around trying to undo his armor, Alfred comes to the rescue and undoes it for him. "I did offer to buy your own hat for you. It's not as if money's a problem."

"Huh, lucky you." Alfred grunts, freeing Louis.

Louis turns to Alfred, "I'm sorry, I don't mean to brag or anything. Ju-Just remember, I'm always here. It pays having an eldest prince as a friend."

"You're my best friend," Alfred says quietly.

"And you to me." They grasp each others' forearms again.

A knock the door makes them turn. "Uh-oh." They say in unison. Alfred runs to a leather chest and pulls out some casual clothes for Louis to wear, Louis himself was pulling away the armor and pulling on the clothes Alfred throws at him.

Alfred strips from the fine clothes and pulls on some servants clothes. All of this happens in, one minute. Panting, Alfred runs to the door and opens it. A petite chamber maid bussles in.

"Sorry for the intrusion, Sir," she says bowing. "You're required, by the king."

"Oh? Do I need to wear best clothes?" Louis asks, looking down at his plain clothes, which he often wore on average day back in his kingdom, he has always felt more comfortable when wearing casual clothes, when in posh clothes he felt costrophobic.

"No, Sir-"

"Please, call me Louis. I hate being called Sir, too formal."

The girl blushes, "Ah you wish, Si- Louis. The king said you can come in whatever you're wearin'."

"Ok then." He smiles at her, he follows her down to the main hall, Alfred stays behind, unpacking the clothes.

The End

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