Sir Serené

Sir Seroné, a knight of the Kingdom, always prided himself on his ability to play the lyre. As his brown mare brought him towards the castle, he played a soft lullaby, attracting a crowd of youngsters.

Seeing the youngsters he began in song, "I am Sir Seroné, my children come hither, for I shall tell you a story, that will make men fill their liver, there was once a sweet lady, she died so very long ago, who I used to love, but had to let her go, I remember her like yesterday, a simple, beautiful girl, but oh how our love, did so readily unfurl, and never thought I to feel love ever again, nor my heart to someone sell, until I gazed into the eyes, of fair Princess Isabelle, she saw me at a festival, I saw her in the Castle, and now I am in love again, and will readily do battle, to make her love me as I love her, to make her father see, that I am the one who will gain her hand, and to wed her happily."

Sir Serené finished his song and rode up into the castle gates to the dismay of the children. He saw in a tower her beautiful eyes and knew he had to have her.

The End

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