Isabelle: a good vantage point

I have decided to stay in my quarters whilst the suitors are arriving, then at dinner I shall greet them. I daresay half of them will have learnt some over-flowery poetry for the occasion, or will boast on end about their various feats. And Father of course thinks this is all genuine. I do love my father but in his old age now he has become a little too trusting. He says I am hard to please but I merely say I require very much. Maybe too much.

I do like how the first prince has requested his manservant share the quarters. That is charitable. I always have Lorette come with me when I am visiting another kingdom: but that is because we talk like old wives into the night. I am glad of the company: since my mother died three years ago I have needed a friendly voice to prevent a fall into depression. Lorette says her brain is far less trained than mine, but I teach her logic from time to time and I do love how quick a learner she is. Lorette is the one who showed me this vantage point in my quarters as well. Do you know, I found this same spot when I was but a child and then I forgot all about it for ten years! It is funny how the brain sorts through what it deems important and what not.

Oh, here comes another man. What kind of character will this one be I wonder?

The End

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