Louis trots through the castle, in a full suite of armor, blending in with his soilders - body guards if you will. His good friend Alfred takes his place, pretending to be himself, it's standard procidure in his kingdom - or rather his father's kingdom - for the princes and princesses to have body duplicates just in case of attack.

Louis never had liked this idea, as the eldest son of King Alfred. Alfred, Louis' closest and most trustworthy friend's mother, named him after the great king. King Alfred has been a great king to their kingdom, he made their country prosporus and has won many wars.

They trotted into the small townage area at the bottom of the castle. Why are you making me do this father?! Louis thinks to himself. They stop, and the bodyguards of 'Louis' in the cart, dimount. People gasp at Alfred, who is dressed exactly as Louis would usually on an important meeting. However, Alfred is wearing a strange hat to cover his face.

Louis runs to him, as any good servant would and pulls him up to meet the king. The king bows and greets him, he introduces them to a chamber maid who would take them to their rooms. Louis is thankful for his armor covering his face, which has an amused smile on planet on.

Alfred composes himself and bows respectfully to the king's family, Louis goes into the survents bow, his sholders raise slightly and his silent laughter over comes him. Alfred nudges him with the bottom of his foot, signalling for Louis to 'shut up.'

"Welcome, again to our kingdom. Your servant can go to the servants corners," Louis holds his breath, wishing his father's rule about his children to have body doubles.

"With all your respect, your highness, I would prefer my servant," Alfred places a hand on Louis' sholder. "To assist me in changing, and stay with me at all times."

"As you wish," the King says. The King's family eye Alfred over, and then Alfred. They let them pass through to the the guess chambers.

"Well done, old friend." Louis says, hold the top of Alfred's right arm with his right. Alfred returns the gusture in their secret handshake.

The End

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