Isabella: hmmph.

I cannot believe my father! I do so love him, but this is a most ludicrous idea if ever I heard one! Summoning for men throughout the kingdom, then sending ten of them on a quest? We are living in changing times, we cannot base a suitor's worth any longer on his strength. Strength cannot guarantee a good conversation, or firm planning, or management of a kingdom. Strength if anything would only destroy lands, not improve on them!

Still, I have my ways of determining who will be worthy. Father intends to send James, the stablekeeper, as means of tracking on this quest. He and I are good friends as I love horses, and I know from a close friendship that he is to be married to my maid, Lorette. If I can use my logic in a fitting way, perhaps I can find out firsthand about these suitors. But for now I have to be delicate, gracious, princess.

Little do they know!

The End

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