the worthy suitor.

a weary old king can't be bothered to choose a worthy suitor for his daughter-so he sends them on a quest :D

In a far away kingdom, the people live in a very traditional time. the men prove their strength in quests and battles, the women show intelligence through logic and talent. everyone nevertheless is happy.

the young princess Isabelle has now reached sixteen-and her father the king wants her to marry now, as he is growing old and fears his life cannot carry on for another year. the king orders a quest to be carried out in order to decide who will take Isabelle's hand in marriage. the suitors have to arrive at the castle and stay for a month before worthy men are sent on the quest. whoever returns will have Isabelle.

Isabelle however is a headfast young maiden-she believes in more modern values. Friendship, happiness. Love. she is very hard to please.

come one and all ye suitors! come for the princess' hand!

The End

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