The World of the Written Word

For our English class, we have to prepare a Personal Statement for our college portfolio. This is mine. (Well, a rough draft of mine, anyways).

Believe it or not; we have the power to transform.  To become something else, to escape from our mundane lives, even just for a little while.  How is this possible?  Through the power of the written word. 

A few years ago, I began to realize the power that words hold over us.  I started to write my own stories, poems, lyrics.  I was awakened to the world of words.   I had barely begun to unleash the power of words when I finished my first novel, Hybrid, the summer after my seventh grade year.  I remember the feeling of joy when my friends first read Hybrid; remember them laughing at phrases uttered by characters of my imagination, remember them exclaiming in outrage as my cliff hangers left them wanting more, remember the tears swelling in their eyes due to the words of my pen.  Still today, nearly four years later, I have not found anything that compares to the high brought on as that of the written word.

My sophomore year in high school helped me excel in my writing as the CHS Writer’s Guild was founded.  Lately, my writing had been drying up; I simply couldn’t find the motivation for my writing anymore.  The Guild provided me with an outlet to let others read and critique my works and it led me to some fabulous writers that have become some of my closet friends.  In the Guild I met writers from all walks of life that have each had their part in shaping my writing career.  Chelsey taught me to have conviction of my prose; Chris reminded me how to have fun, that writing is not supposed to be a chore with deadlines; Reanna brought out the dark side of my writing; Zach helped me stay weird; Alex conveyed the importance of remaining true to a piece of work; and Keegan made me believe in the power of words again.  Thank you, Guild.

The online writing community dubbed Protagonize has been incredibly and unbelievably instrumental in my writing.  The site allows writers from all over the world to join on one site to collaborate, critique, and befriend each other.  For me, Protagonize led me to two people who have, quite literally, changed my life.  Trish and cassandramorrow (their usernames on Protagonize) have helped me grow not only as a writer but as a person.  Their writing has influenced me and provided me with the same passion I had when I first started writing all those years ago.  Because of their undying support and critique, I now fluctuate in rank between the Top 50 and Top 10 for the entire site containing nearly 20,000 authors.  My gratitude for their inspiration and love cannot possibly be expressed.  How's that?  A writer at a loss for words?  What can I say; it happens sometimes. 

There are twenty-six letters in the English alphabet.  Those twenty-six letters can create a nearly immeasurable amount of words.  Every word we speak or write will influence someone, someday.  Words, whether our own or not, can transform us into new people.  When we delve into the world of the written word we become something more than what we already are.  

The End

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